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A social ride-sharing game that mixes fast food, freedom, friendship, and fun.

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Secretly 'Give' or 'Get' rides between chain locales with your friends!

Start Map (Secret)

(pick up location)

End Map (Secret)

(drop off location)

Middle Map (Public)

(this is the map you send to your friends, so they don't really know specifically where you're going)

How to RIdechain
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How to 'Ridechain'



Pick your Mode of Transport.



Make your START, END, and SEND MAPS!



Motivate your Friends!

Why should we 'Ridechain'

Gridlock is a form of traffic congestion where "continuous queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill". - Wikipedia
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Geopolitics are the politics, especially international relations, as influenced by geographical factors. - Dictionary
The transportation of people and goods accounts for about 25 percent of all energy consumption in the world and that passenger transportation, in particular light-duty vehicles, accounts for most transportation energy consumption. Light-duty vehicles alone consume more than all freight modes of transportation, such as heavy trucks, marine and rail. - Energy Information Administration
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Our mission is to democratize transportation. We will make ride-hailing and ride-sharing to the 99% more affordable by making it 100% fun.

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Ridechain is downloadable computer software for use on mobile and cellular phones for ride sharing.

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